Preference #13: He’s your best friends brother.

Harry: You were staying over at your best friends, and currently you’s are sat in the living room, both of you in your pj’s and snuggled under a blanket watching ‘The jungle book’. You saw Harry’s head pop around the living room door, smirking at you he motioned for you to follow him. “I’m gonna go get a drink, want anything?” You asked Y/BF/N. She shook her head, waving her hands to shoo you out of the room. You made your way to the kitchen, getting a can of coke before sitting on the counter. “I missed you.” Harry pouted. You laughed, “You’ve not seen me in what? Two hours?” He shrugged, taking the can from your hand and placing it beside you, standing in between your legs with his hands resting on your bare thighs. “So, my little sister gets to spend time with you and i don’t? I’m your boyfriend.” He pouted again, making you laugh, “But Harry, she’s my best friend.” “Still.” He said, his hands making their way to your waist, tugging your forward and wrapping his arms around your waist. “Can i at least get a kiss?” He asked, puckering his lips. You smiled, pecking his lips, but he shook his head pressing his plump lips to yours again. Your arms wrapped around his neck, legs wrapping around his waist as your lips moved in sync. “Ew!” You heard your best friend shriek. You quickly shoved Harry away from you, “Um, it’s not what it looks like?” “No, it’s exactly what it looks like. I just caught my best friend snogging my brother. I am now scarred forever.” She said, shivering. “Um, sorry?” Harry tried. She shook her head, “No, no. Don’t be. She is your girlfriend after all, but please, not when i’m around.” “Wait, how’d you know we were, you know, dating?” You questioned. “It’s not hard to miss.” She sighed, turning and walking back to the living room. Well, you didn’t have to hide it anymore.

Liam: You were sitting on the kitchen counter in your best friends house, while she was looking for something to eat. “Here?” She said, throwing an apple to you. “Thanks.” You said, placing it beside you. You saw her brother Liam walk past the kitchen door, and you smirked, “Hey, Y/BF/N, Liam’s kinda hot, isn’t he?” Her face scrunched up, “Ew, Y/N!” She shrieked and you laughed. “I mean, he’s just so hot.” You smirked again, watching her smiling face turn into a disgusted one. “Please stop, that’s my brother.” She whined. You thought, but continued with what you were saying, “I mean, just look at his body. He’s so, sexy.” “Alright, if you don’t shut up, i’m kicking you out of my house.” She said. Just then, Liam walked in, stopping to lean against the door frame, “I hope that’s me you’s are talking about.” “Of course it is.” You smiled, opening your arms, letting Liam walk across and stand in between your legs while your arms wrapped around his waist. Liam smiled, letting his hands rest on your thighs. “I love you.” He mumbled, pressing his lips to yours. “Seriously? You two are disgusting!” Your friend exclaimed, leaving the kitchen.

A/N: I’m sorry, i couldn’t think of anything for Louis, Niall and Zayn, and i’m not to keen on Harry and Liam’s, but i hope they’re alright? Give me feedback or request please!?!

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